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Friday, January 13, 2006


Meet Chingko.

She is mom's pet. Mom adopted Chingko when she still a kitten.

Chingko is not like any normal cat. She is a bit mental; terover hyperaktif. (Sewaktu kecil dulu-dulu, Chingko suka minum susu cair cap junjung) She likes jumping here and there out of the bluu and gigit2 people.. (but gigit lembut2 only..wont break the skin wann). Due to her mental state, she oso like to pick fight, or pounce, other bigger cats... A rather brave, but foolish Chingko indeed, considering the unfavorable outcome of every fight she's involved...

Pernah di suatu hari, Chingko dengan sengaja mencarik gado sama seekor anjing yang otai. Nasib baik itu tuan sudah kasik rantai sama itu anjing. Poor dog being taunted by Chingko and yet can't do much. You shud see the expression on the dog's face.

Mom loves Chingko very the much. She might not be a gorjes persion like me, but nevertheless, Chingko is still her buah hati intan dan payung penawar ubat luka.

Few days ago, Chingko became sick. She duwan to drink or eat anything. Everytime someone tried to hold her, she'll yelp in pain. Dokter said Chingko was anemic..

The next day, Chingko died.

I guess all her nine lives were used-up, she got none to spare. Mom very sad. Even though she try to hide it, I can still feel her loss for Chingko.

So....These past few days I just dun feel funny lar. Wa rasa hanya para pengucing sahaja yang boleh memahami pelasaan wa sekalang.
Lu datang len kali boley tak? dankyu..


Anonymous said...

he heartfelt condolences to u.I am a multi pengucing here, and i know its not a good time to ask, but i need info bout cat marriages cos i plan to hold one of my cat and another, and i was wondering, is it ok for a feline to masuk minang a masculine nowadays? thanks...pengucing #1

mobilemom said...

Hmm so sad. I lost my 15 year old cat couple of years back. Make me very sad too. Before she died, she waited for me at the front porch at my mom house. It was so sad. She died of old age the next day. Now that I have "twinkie", she is penawar rindu for me and play mate for my kiddies!!

Hope your mom is doing ok. My mom and my sister cried when "Ashley" (my 15 year old cat). As for me, jangan cakap la. Tak lalu makan for few days. Imagine lor..15 years of her cat lives was with me.. :(

Anonymous said...

*sigh* i am so sorry for your loss ah beng. but the cat was lucky to hv u and ur mom as its owners.


anisism said...

takziah. semoga kehidupan kembali saiko seperti sediakala..

may said...

my condolences, ahbeng. kucing atau anjing, wa suka jugak. I know how it is to lose a pet that's dearly loved.

rest in peace, chingko.

chics said...

this is a sad entry.Sebagai seorang penangis,ia sangatla mengujakan.

it remind me of my cat punto who died of bledder problem just the next day after my uncle passed away.

one think i regret, i didn't go for punto burial ceremony coz I can't afford to face another death.

and i missed him badly until today.

Mama Irma said..., so, sad!!!Hoping that time will heal.....

Lizzam said...

I feel your loss. send my condolence to your mom.And losing a family pet is more or less losing a family member.

time will'll prance around again. please..we pray for you...

Wong Ah Beng said...

yea its ok.. as long it's not one fugly feline ya :)

cats seem to know when their time is up. nyway, as long ashley had a good life with you, then u got nothing to regret.

I'ld love to align my thoughts along that line of thinking. thx.

dankyu..Wow u do have a heart for poor animals :D

Wong Ah Beng said...

Her time was too brief a moment. Tis true they say; it's what we dearly love that hurts us the most :/

sorry for your losses. I buried a dear cat once, a long time ago. The toughest part was fighting not to shed any tears <:(

mama irma..
It'll heal, no doubt. btw, I've not been following your blog for quite a while now.. Did u finally found your lost cat :?

thanx. But as it is, my ahbeng keji spirit is earthly low. But i'm sure it'll come back soon, if not later. Lady time is the ever healer :)

anisism said...

i don't actually. but to pretend, is my next greatest capability after sarcasm. =)

always, with a smiley.

toughcookie said...

*sniff sniff... i feel ya, beng... ini musti lu punya gelflen dulu... sungguh menyayat hati...

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

here's a side of beng2 not always shown..

i'm sorry for your loss.

Wong Ah Beng said...

ishk ishk...karang keluar perkataan 'words' and 'action' lagi kang baru tauu. ;}

*sniff*...can u hug me now..poor me need huggies :(

Cik Pwan Moody Stress..
I got other side not always shown oso; My back side <:)

jasmine79 said...

feel bad about the mom always wondered why i actually insisted to buried my cat behind our backyard ( dah jadik mcm cat cemetery..) instead of just wrapping it and dump it in a is just an undescribable feelings when somebody dearest to your heart left you.. ppl would only see them as a "creature"..but those who treasured upon their innocent look, kindness and sweetness have forgotten that the bond between these feline and us human being is more than just a normal rship. My heart felt dishearten each time we have to depart. I once watched my cat dying..slowly, lying on my lap..waiting for his time to come..his last breath..i'll never forget such moment. It shed my tears more than I can imagine. We had him for 15 years..eventually he need to go back to his Creator because of his illness. I love cats more than the love for another human..yeah im insane, friends thought i was being emotional..but for those who are cat lovers..they would understand it! No need for explanations! hehe..:P i wonder why some ppl have no mercy n heart for this poor creatures..main sepak2 jer..issh..keji!!

well ah beng, yang hidup pasti akan day it will be our turn plak. At least u should be thankful that your cat is guaranteed a place in heaven. So i guess he will watch you from above. :) my condolence and sympathy to your family.

RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla said...

my condolence...
used to have a favourite pet cat back then...SAM...
died when i was in form 5..boarding dad called to spill the news...and we both cried on the phone...and i continued crying the next day in school...
the point is...they'll always be man's best companion....always remembered... don't always have to be funny..

pinky angel said...

u remind me of my pet kanggaroo.. ching'u..


p/s:sort of my bantal busyuk masa i kecik2 dulu..

Apple Pie said...

u make me sad la beng. terkenang kembali dulu2 kalau kucingku mati. sure 1 minggu mataku bengkak. hari2 mau nangis. huhuhuhuuuhuuwaaa

Anonymous said...

hi ahbeng! i have been reading your blog since day one. suka sgt... anyway, fyi, i pung peminat kucing gak. maybe you bleh gang dgn my besfren punye kucing. pls meet samad jojo alattas (below link).

-azie- said...

Wont be able to imagine if i were to lose Simba & Leo...Sorry for your loss.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...


Cosmic_GurL said... so sorry for your loss, Ah Beng. Im sure she is in a better place now "playing" with other male cats and making lotsa babies and eating all the cat food she can eat!

bertique said...

wa ucap takziah utk you punya chingko. entry ini sungguh sedih, wa tidak akan buat lawak langsung kerana wau dont wanna taste ur kick.

cuma, wa mau tanya .. itu chingko punya rantai original ka atau celup? ada setengah2 kucing tak boleh pakai rantai celup, takut gatal :P.

yg benar
hari ini wa bukan tikus keji.

teek said...

sorry for the lost.
ah beng, klu u mau another kucing (not to replace Chingko)...i got 4 of em. baru kluar kilang last saturday and i bet my Mak will buang soon.

Wong Ah Beng said...

u had him for 15 years.
chingko was only 2 years wor..
barely legal :/

I oso duwan to be funny laa.
I want to be keji...better bekos can keji people.
*kumpul semangat keji*

kanggawhat? serious ka? :o

dun cry..dun cry..lai fav month.. :*

Wong Ah Beng said...

how old is samad jojo? he look very the lawa bulu dia.
ehh..he or she?? :?

Simba and leo? bunyi macam garang eh >:B

hollymuthaa!! terkezut wa :o

u're evil :(

Itu rantai adidas tuh okk..
Kelasss punya :)

Wong Ah Beng said...

thx for the offer..
i dun think mom would wan any for the mean time..ada sekor lagi tuh :)

toootsss said...

kucing goes meow meoooow eow eow
doggie goes woof wooooooof

itu tanda nyaaaaaa
hari nak hujaaan

tina hussain said...

oh, poor chingko...
i know it's hard but you gotta be strong..take some time and maybe later when everyone's ready, you mom can adopt a new one!! cheer up will ya?!! take care then..meeoowww!!!

sushi said...

sori to hear abt ur loss. Sampaikan salam takziah to your mom. Chingko dalam keadaan yg lebih selamat dan bahagia.

9 said...

takziah diucapkan.

lu ada nangis-nangis ka beng? ag beng mana bole nangis. seolang ah beng misti mepunyai sepasang hati yang kering.

Wong Ah Beng said...

what happened to the frog?
I dun hear the frog singing pun can rain mehh?? :/

guess what.. she just got herself another kitten. Sure rebounce nih.. :p

denkiu..Selamat dan berbahagia lah hendaknya juaa :|

oo wa talak nangis..ahbeng musti gungho maa.. wa muka broody selupa aaron kwok dalam stormriders sahaja. :>

torqxic inc. said...


my family have lotsa pet cats - kucing2 yg datang & orang keji aniayai etc...some of them are more like kids to us than merely pets...we have, Butet, Godot, Kenit, Bobob, Bob, Blakk, Tipah, Cikun, Cupin, Netty, Comot, Puteh, Param...and byk lah lagi....their graves are around the house....and they will alwyas be a part of our history!

Life Goes On~!

cikPijah said...

so saadd.. no dankyu? ah beng? lu selsema oso ek?

mobilemom said...

Ah Beng!! BALIK! Mak dah marah tu!!!

Bila nak balik ni?

kepala_angin said...

am i the only one here not on smoochy term with the cat? cess..

abgjiwajiwa said...

me too....
..but wud lurveee on smoochy smoochy term wif hottie2 gurlss...nyummmm

nadya said...

hhhmm..condolences dari nad,gebu and mop da' cat.

dont be sad2 ar ah beng, go and cheer ur mom. maybe u shoud adopt a baby sister(kitten) for her. mungkin tak boleh replace chingko..tapi mungkin mom can be happy a bit.

dont saiko2 ur mom dikala macam nih okay. u take care too..

dont worry, all cats go to heaven (except for crazy cat-WAB..heheheh)

kookabooras said...

a minute silent to Chingko a.k.a kucing............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


leez1312 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
leez1312 said...

waaaaa dahlink aaa... manyiak sedehhhh ooo. silupa itu sad movies oso. supaya wa punya dahlink tarak sedeh aaaa. wa kasi a very big muahs to u ok.


ok aa dahlink? jgn sedeh ok...

Wong Ah Beng said...

correctomundo..well said bro!

cik pijah..
sikit2 ada juaa :/

stalker mom!! stalker mom!! stalker mom!!

i can give u more than smoochies if that's what u want.. Whatever tickles your fancy bebeh :)

Wong Ah Beng said...

eloo..ini bukan halaman blog lucah..
sila jaga perkataan serta tatasusila dan tatatertib anda.. >:)

she oleady adopt one this afternoon.. hahaha..!


comment deleted..
aiyakk dun laa delete komen..wa lagi sedeyyy

dankyuu..dankyu...slow n steady aa..dakmau gelojoh2 nanti comotsss!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Aik?? Why u said I'm evil Ah Beng? Now im sad :-(

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

beng, tak baik woo tunjuk backside kat orang.. dasar kucing betul!

jasmine79 said...

errrr..i dunno what else to comment..shouldn't this post sounded sad rather than....errrr..i tot u r still tengok dah ok. so u mmg keji!

Wong Ah Beng said...

Jangan laa sad..Double sad is no gudd :/

baik laa..cuba lu buat kat wa nengok.
gelenti wa talak malah lu :p

but i grievinggg still.. a bit-bit keji ony maahh :!

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i dowan. i got budi pekerti wanita timur. :P

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Takziah to you and your mom. U lah kena jadi substitute penghibur hati your mom seminggu dua minggu ni...I ada 4 kittens and Im not a cat/dog animal person! But I will sure meratap sayu kalau anything happen to them...

Leilanie said...

Dear WAB,

Chingko will be remembered, not only by your mom and you, but by us, too.

Jangan sedih-sedih, nanti kucing-kucing di rumah akan turut sedih......

pinky angel said...


pinky angel said...

no lah..
not a real kanggaroo
soft toys bentuk kanggaroo
suka main ekor kanggaroo tu, cium2 letak kat idung masa kecik2 dulu
his name is ching'u

++ i oso pnh bela tupai dulu
tapi dia seekor kuceng
nama dia tupai sbb ekor dia mcm tupai

Wong Ah Beng said...

cik puan mudastress..
that is nice budi pekerti.
Bodi pulak bagaimanakah?

dankyuu miss super woman..u are hero!

kind words...*sobsob*


mesti ekor ching'u tuh penuh hingus you :|~~

pinky angel said...

haiyya ab beng..
mcm mana lu tau??

kepala_angin said...

am not a cat (pet) person, so nothing by the pet can tickle my fancy.

shooh shooh

zuhri said...

my next cat will be named chingko

Anonymous said...


wa suda manyak kali kasi tanam wa munya kucing (yg suda mati lorr).. ala satu kucing, nyalam tiga-ampat tahun munya hidup, wa kasi nama "lat", pasat pelut itu kucing aa, dulu ala luka kena gigit munya pastu ala ulat, itu pasal horr nama "lat".. Itu lat aa suda mati, kena langgar lari munya.. manyak sedih.. wa manyak penat gali itu kubur aa, itu time kemalau munya, so tanah manyak keras..tapi wa tanam jua itu lat, pasat wa munya mummy manyak cinta sayang sama lat, wa tamau mummy wa nampak itu kucing suda dalah2 nya mulut.. kesiann horr? suda tanam balu wa kasi tau sama wa munya mummy.. sampai sikalang wa munya mummy talak pelihala kucing lagi..

ah geck

Lil' Miss Easydent said...

I understand. Nothing would beat me up even harder than losing a pet I love. Been there. All condolences to your mom and family. Sob sob :(

Ely said...

ah beng my condolence to ur mom about her cat. trust me, i am a cat person. hopefully one day, ur mom will get another cat to heal her pain.

here's my cat picture gallery, 7 cats in all.

Erra said...

eh ... if your pet don't want to eat you must force feed, must make sure got drink, if got slight dehydration sign must go drip at vet quick!

when dehydration easy die.

now erra sad ...

Wong Ah Beng said...

kingky angel..
wa teka saja...betul ek?
samada ingus atau air liur baaasiii :p

u'll definitely be a pet person once u see my pet serpent :)

thanx bro..! the name lives... :0

anony: ahgeck..
wa simpati sama lakan seperjuangan seperti lu jua ah geck..mali kita sama2 jadik ahbeng bersatu padu.. :)

son of a bi...
i mean..sob sob.. :(

she got herself one yesterday. Kesian the other cat takde teman..
have yet to see her and her new toy tho..
nice cat album u have there btw ;>

I only know the middle finger sign, so do tell; what are the signs of dehydration?

anisism said...

weh apdet lah weh. aku pon nak apdet gak nih. siap nak kena mintak kebenaran ko nih. saiko betul.

PrincessRen said...

sigh.. sedih nyer. mmg it's hard to let go sometimes. she/he is at a better play now.

*concreterose* said...

kesiannya ahbeng.. gfren dia dah mati... huuhuu.. :.-(

takpe ahbeng, dia punya fur u boleh buat mini-carpet!!!

Sarclover said...

My condolences ah beng..

I know.. it is very the sad when one's cat dies.

my anak2 kucing semua tiga ekor mati woooo... suma kucik2 lagi... wa lagi manyiak sidih....

come lemme hug you...

sob.. sob...

jasmine79 said...

ah beng..some words of virtue to ponder: we all experience moments when we glimpse our potential as human beings: situations in which compassion leads us to work for a greater good and be a stronger person. in any situation, ups or down, it infuses our lives with new meaning, new beginning, new approach. OK..sila update blog anda. Sekian wsalam.

Leen Ash Burn said...

beng beng ahh,

lu masey nangis sedey tepi longkang meh?

suzequatro said...

wa pernah menjadi pengucing..wa faham perasaan pengucing2 yg lain. sorry about chingko.sob sob..

zuhri said...

bro, do u mind coming over to my blog and give ur opinion about cameras? thanks

Anonymous said...

ahbeng takziah utk lu..
actualy wa pn pernah kehilangan jgak..
wa sgt syg sama dia..
bagai menatang minyak yg penuh..
itu minyak sulah smpi tumpah2 lo...
tp akhirnya dia pegi tinggalkn wa jua..
aiya wa sgt lindu sama wa pnye kasut basketball!!!
sudah la koyak kena bwk lari sama itu anjing lanjiao...=$
hmm wa tau mcm mn itu pelasaan kehilangan, donwori ma...patah tumbuh hlg belganti..

yg ikhlas...hanamichi..=)

red.blooded.woman said...

sorry for the loss. chingko will be deeply missed by everyone here sbb skrg siapa baca blog lu sume sudah kenal sapa itu chingko.

my condolences to ur dear mom too.. anti, jgn laa nangis ye.. nnt kita pun nangis.. uwaaaa!!!

Wong Ah Beng said...

jangan ngada!


lu jahat..dankyu..


yer..dah apdet..dankyu

nangis tepi longkang tak kool..dankyu.





nong said...

oh my...
aku rasa apa yang mak kau rasa.

dolu2, masa umur ku baharu sepuloh tahun... kucing ku boonboo (nama kucing ku, boon sebab buntal, boo sebab mukanya macam lembu) hilang...
Aku carik2 nya sampai lah datang satu mimpi yang menyatakan bawahawanya kucing ku...
kepala intan payungku sudah mati di bawah jambatan.

keesokan hari nyaa...
aku pergi ke jambatan tuh...

apa yang aku jumpa...
cuma kotak berisi boonboo...


Feruz said...

aku benci gile bile kucing mati :( ever since my cat mati 6 months ago, asal dengar orang kucing lain mati je rasa cam nak nangis.. demmit... kalau la kucing bleh hidup as long as we could... *sigh*

Kiss my asss!!