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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Da Ahbeng Code

At the heart of "The Da Ahbeng Code" is the Priory of Siol, an organization set up to vigilantly protect "one of the most powderfool secret blogger ever kept."

Dear readers,

[Uniqu3ne55] is a !!must-have!! to differentiate thyself from the ever +growing+ numb3rs of blockheads bloggers out there.

‘Tis my first attempt at blogging, and I’d say so far; Bastardization of the English and/or BM language seems to be my –only- flair.

I commonly trade the letter "R" (or "D") with "L" to fabricate that Ahbeng “slang”. At times (to elude sounding too gobbledygook), extra careful effort is made to mo~de~rate the colloquial speech algorithm to a tolerable degree when structuring my words and sentences. This (hopefully) minimizes the "tiring-of-the-mind effect" my lingo might propagate to them readers.

As a rule of thumb, when in doubt, replace the alphabet "L" with "R" (or "D", whichever makes more sense).

Looking forward= This Ahbeng cat will try his bestest to implove his Inggelish and/or BM in his future entlies... *Nahhh....I think not! :p *

Most sought after cryptic passages of Da Ahbeng Code can be found here, here, here and here.

Now go help youself.
.. Dank you..


A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

waaaaah a most handsome entry afer a long hiatus/silence.

well done, o ye handsome cat.`

mobilemom said...

*LOL* Lu betul betul AhBeng Langdon la woiihh!!

Apple Pie said...

u bestest ke?? can i try??

kepala_angin said...

need unravelling ke nih?

Wong Ah Beng said...

a babe..
silence is golden.. :p

Ahbeng London..wokehhhh...:>

apple pie..
cann..cann..try laa..aiman tak kesahh :/

kepla angin..
what unravelling :?

RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla said...

beng...intimidated by the growing numbers of blockheads ka?
tetiba je lu nih!

Wong Ah Beng said...

tetiba....what? wa talak paham.
sila elaborated..denkyuu :)

chics said...

hoh..u r just one keji cat..sajeje kau nak reveal your code just to place ur face seblag that pompuan[aku sebnanye tatau camne nak eje nama die.haha]

P5 said...

alo abeng.. bila lu punya buku, itu da ahbeng kod mau kasik keluar? wa mau booking satu copy lor... kasi derma sama itu sekolah.. kasi budak2 baca pandai

UglyButAdorable said...

ah beng lu memang la beng..kasi wa gelak..jer yeekk... best aa lu gambar samer itu actkless?? aalborg said...

ahbeng, good to see you are back.

Desparil said...

eh, you leave audrey alone ah.. don't lebey-lebey aight?

booGie said...

Ada skit melampau lu superimposed gambar lu sebelah Audrey di situ.
Manyak pandai ah?

anisism said...

inggerish manyiak powaaaaaaahhh!

Wong Ah Beng said...

if u like, i can replace the gurl face with yours. then it will be our secret code together-gether..u want or not? :B

Lu tunggu hali ahad sulat kabar utusan malaysia itu luangan Di Celah-Celah Kehidupan.. :D

Maaanyiak best woooh :>

ailin cyborg..
yah welcome back home.. :)

Wong Ah Beng said...

I scared she lebih2 with me how :?

mesti maah..wa adalah kehilupan ahbeng terlampau.. :p

Uhh..Next week only will be fun week. This week no fun ;p

Desparil said...

in that case ah.... halal saja la..

RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla said...


trixie said...

wah, ah beng wants to be dan brown eh? in this case ah brown eh? *lol* one heck of a kitty cat! try to make cooler codes larh.. then, it'll be much more fun to crack em up.

Wong Ah Beng said...


Olang malas talak untung..sekian telima kasih :>

ahaha.. Ah Blown.. Nice! Code oso vely simple, easy for people to understand..

kimi azhan said...

Beng, good to have you back! Any creative creation from MI3? But don't ever try to superimpose your photo on that Tom Cruise aaa... nanti ramai gadis-gadis Malaya patah hati... tak baik ooooo..

Mr & Mrs |mran said...

u mmg bestest siottttt...superimpose sgt terlampau..

Anonymous said...

Hello ahbeng.

Been your silent reader for quite a while.

Mayhaps you're not so ahbeng you want us to believe you are. Judging from your posting this time, you actually have a very good command of the english language.

To me, that is the most 'powderfool' secret of your "Da Ahbeng Code", no?


p/s: Good to have you back!!

PrincessRen said...

hahaha u never fail to amused me lah ahbeng. anyway my princess miss u :D

toooooots_iz_ae_monkee! said...

oooo bila nak buat movie! can i be silas?

his self mutilation acts look like fun.

hev gud wiken meow!

euphoria said...

Anthony, long time no chat. Missed you la fren. You been a super dedicated slave at work aye? Jual VCD baik2. Make sure you are fit to run from penguasa. deal?

chics@get-pretty! said...

testing 1..2..3

leez1312 said...

fuiyooo... that 'poyo' look from da cat scares me one time lahhh... sure kenot sleep one if terbayang that face ;p wonder what audrey tautou had in mind hahahhaaaa...
u aaaaa reaaaaalllyyyy laaa powderful *muahs*

fara said...

once an ahbeng, always an ah beng.

Wong Ah Beng said...

no need to superimpos on him...he will superimpos on me waannn u wait and see laa :p

haa budak folex..apa celita lama talak nampakk?

G.. once an ahbeng olways and ahbeng maahh.. :>

your plincess how old oleady? :/

kenot..u not white..silas must be white..maybe u can make up put bedak manyiak2 until ur skin white then can lor :p

u want vcd good movies u come to me aa..i give u good price wann :D


denkiu leezz..powderfull i am.. :>

u still missing your H aa :?

incibah said...

So even animals now have codes eh? Let me as a stranger try crack the furball's codes. Findings from my virtual scrutiny and ANALysis as follows:

1. You're no cat. You're a malay dude, probably bachelor aged 34-35. Chinese looking girls magnet. So i guess you're not so bad looking.
2. You must be a clubber. Or was. Smells like someone from Heritage Row.. Savanh maybe? Everyone there got this same queer smell .:erk:.
3. In the early days when this blog was activated, chances are.. you were jobless. You know why. Haha!

Am i right, or am i f^cking RIGHT?

Piss, pussy :)
(read: peace, puss)

euphoria said...

Anthony, itu soklan lu tamau jawab kah? Lemme see..

1. Age range adalah salah. Dia lagi remaja. Chinese-looking adalah salah.. rupe dia ada sikit2 mcm samseng industan.. kening bersambung.

2. Clubber? Ini tak dpt dipastikan tapi ooooh I remember the dangdut cd!

3. Jobless juge adalah tidak benar.

incibah said...

Hmm... ya ka? How come i'm not convinced. But it's okay. Boleh tahan Mr. Wong punya jurucakap undangan.

Kucing boosoook ini has right to remain anonymous. And we as tikus tikus keji have rights to guess :p

Wong Ah Beng said...

yes you are right.. :>

yes you are right.. :>

no harm trying..keepon the guess work...muahhaha :P

Kiss my asss!!